Our Values

STEAM is a pool of geothermal specialists with a long worldwide experience, a complete multidisciplinary knowledge of the resource exploitation methods and a strong vision of how to manage the high risk in greenfield investments...


  • May 2017 - Olkaria, Kenya.

    Olkaria V Project Lot 2 Ground Breaking with the participation of the President of Kenya His Excellency Hon. Kenyatta. During the event Mr. Renato Papale, Project Manager of Lot 2, shook hands with the president.

  • December 2015 - Nairobi, Kenya.

    STEAM (in Consortium with Gesto Energia SA) signed a contract with Kenya Electricity Generating Company Ltd for Consultancy Services of Owner Engineering and Project Management, for the rehabiliation of Olkaria I Geothermal Power Plant...

  • October 2015 - Washington, USA.

    STEAM has just signed with InterAmerican Development Bank (a public organization with headquarter in Washington), a consultancy contract for technical and financial due diligence of specific projects for investment grant for the geothermal financing and risk programs in Mexico...

  • May 2015 - Nairobi, Kenya.

    STEAM (in Consortium with Gesto Energia SA) signed a contract with Kenya Electricity Generating Company Ltd for Consultancy Services of Owner Engineering and Project Management, for the development of Olkaria V Geothermal Power Project...

  • September 2014 - Beijing, China.

    STEAM attended a workshop organized in cooperation with the Geothermal Council of China Energy Society, with the patronage of National Researches Council (CNR-IGG) and Universities of Padova and Firenze, and with the support of Italian Embassy in Beijing.
    Researchers and Italian Companies discussed about possible cooperation in the development of Low and High Enthalpy Geothermal Projects in China...

  • January 2014 - Pisa, Italy; Deventer, the Netherlands.

    STEAM competencies in Environmental Consulting Services has been incorporated in Tauw Group and now are part of Tauw Italia. STEAM brand comes back to be focused on worldwide geothermal projects...

STEAM : What We Do

Our Experience

Chain Value

STEAM is a consulting firm stated in Pisa (Italy), offering world-wide professional advice and assistance in the whole value chain of a geothermal development project.
Fields of competences embrace: Geothermal Feasibility Studies; Site Selection Studies; Drilling Supervising; Geothermal Process Engineering and Power Plant Design; Environmental Impact Assessments and Modelling; Permitting Analyses and Support; Public Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement Management.


The following mention, not exhaustive, of the key aspects of any individual tasks of a Geothermal Project, has the purpose to recall the skills of the team, that can cover all the aspects of a Project.
In our experience, the right approach to every phase of the development needs its specific competences, but also the capability a multidisciplinary point of view.

The Services

Resource Assessment: review of literature and of previous Studies (if any) of the geothermal resource basin and its technical characteristics; technical due diligence to evaluate the reliability of collected information; data analysis for estimation of reservoir size, temperature, pressure, permeability, presence and amount of non-condensible gases in the fluid, scaling and acidity; related risks evaluation; definition of the Exploration Program, Definitive Work plan and complementary studies; Drilling Site Selection. Drilling Supervising: issuing of technical specifications for Drilling Operation providing advice for the proper drilling methodology (mud and cementation program, safety measures); full time on-site supervision of drilling procedures, safety protocols, data collection; definition of proposed well testing methods; assessment of drilling based upon the chemical and physical characteristics of the produced fluid; interpretation, review and reporting of results. Feasibility Studies: choice of the best technology for the geothermal power station to maximize the energy exploitation and minimize risk costs; multiple scenario analysis taking into account expected availability of geothermal resource, load factors, capex, opex and financing costs; profitability evaluation of the geothermal electricity and direct heat use investment. Engineering & Construction: Environmental Impact Assessment; Heat and Mass Balances; Plant LayOut; Gathering and Reinjection Design; definitive Power Plant Design; issuing of Technical Specifications for Plant EPC or for Equipments and Components Supply; Procurement Plan; Assistance, Supervising and/or Management during Execution and Construction; Quality Control Plan inspection; Expediting; Technical Support during the Project Test and Commissioning. Operation & Maintenance Strategies: Ongoing capex evaluation; opex mitigation strategies; Audit and Due Dilegence on existing Plants; issuing of Technical Specifications for Maintenance or Operation Services.