Our Values

STEAM is a pool of geothermal specialists with a long worldwide experience, a complete multidisciplinary knowledge of the resource exploitation methods and a strong vision of how to manage the high risk in greenfield investments...


  • October 2015 - Washington, USA.

    STEAM has just signed with InterAmerican Development Bank (a public organization with headquarter in Washington), a consultancy contract for technical and financial due diligence of specific projects for investment grant for the geothermal financing and risk programs in Mexico...

  • May 2015 - Nairobi, Kenya.

    STEAM (in Consortium with Gesto Energia SA) signed a contract with Kenya Electricity Generating Company Ltd for Consultancy Services of Owner Engineering and Project Management, for the development of Olkaria V Geothermal Power Project...

  • September 2014 - Beijing, China.

    STEAM attended a workshop organized in cooperation with the Geothermal Council of China Energy Society, with the patronage of National Researches Council (CNR-IGG) and Universities of Padova and Firenze, and with the support of Italian Embassy in Beijing.
    Researchers and Italian Companies discussed about possible cooperation in the development of Low and High Enthalpy Geothermal Projects in China...

  • January 2014 - Pisa, Italy; Deventer, the Netherlands.

    STEAM competencies in Environmental Consulting Services has been incorporated in Tauw Group and now are part of Tauw Italia. STEAM brand comes back to be focused on worldwide geothermal projects...

Welcome to the STEAM website

What's Geothermal ?

Our Vision

Geothermal is a Renewable Energy and, like other RE, requires an assessment of the resource, before development.
A Geothermal installed MW produces much more MWh of energy than solar or wind (up to 5-8 times), and does it continuously. But, the exploitation of this resource is not so attractive for all the investors worldwide.
This is why the evaluation of the producing potential of a promising geothermal site requires more time and more money than measuring sun irradiation or wind speed yearly distribution. And specific competences...
A solid investment requires the best knowledge of the characteristics of the Geothermal Resource (in terms of its Quality, Quantity and Sustainability). But not only: in case of a greenfield investment, is also required to predict the interactions that should occur between the existing Geothermal Reservoir and the future Power Plants, during the long-term exploitation.
So, to do a solid greenfield investment are necessary not only specialistic competences, but also the best multidisciplinary experience in all the geothermal chain value, from its early stage.

About the Future

Our Mission

STEAM Team wants to give its contribution to the development of Geothermal Energy that has worldwide a very high potential, because many of the most promising areas are not yet exploited or explored. East Africa, South and Central America, Asian Plateau are some of the new greenfield frontiers.
Note that all of those geothermal areas lie in developing Regions of growing Economies.
So, Geothermal Energy could really be for those Countries the right answer to a common demand of a true, permanent and sustainable (economically and ecologically) development.
We think that the winning strategy, also for a durable social acceptance, is networking with existing and growing infrastructures...